Terms and Conditions

The programs, classes, expeditions and retreats offered by The Evolution Healing Center (“Evolution” hereinafter) are intensive journeys of learning and transformation. In order to receive the full benefit of the programs, classes, expeditions and retreats, clients must be committed to their journey.

Evolution reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time, and to make changes in the itinerary whenever deemed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety of our participants, and to cancel a program at any time.



Registration will be considered complete upon the payment of your deposit. Deposits are due within 60 days of the commencement date, and payment of the balance is due no later than 30 days before the commencement date. Based on space available, Evolution will endeavor to facilitate student bookings at later dates. In the remote circumstance that minimum class or event sizes are not reached, such event will be rescheduled and all associated deposits or additional payments will remain in good standing.

Deposits: All deposits for classes are non-refundable.


Cancellation Policy

If a client needs to withdraw from a class/event, the client must send a written withdrawal letter to [email protected] at least 60 days before the course commencement date. The student may receive a refund of the cost of the class minus deposit, but only to the extent that all funds have been paid to and received by Evolution. All deposits are non-refundable. 

No refunds will be issued for cancellations received 29 days or less prior to the scheduled class. Cancellation fee for no-shows is also 100% of fees paid. 

Due to limited space availability, your deposit is non-refundable. All payments are due no later than 60 days before the retreat commencement date. If you must cancel your reservation, all payments made to and received by Evolution, less your deposit, will be refunded if our office receives written cancellation at least 60 days before the program’s start date. Notice of cancellation must be sent to [email protected]

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance in order to protect yourself in case extenuating circumstances force you to cancel your trip.

Although Evolution will do everything possible to hold programs, classes, and retreats as scheduled, cancellations may occur for reasons beyond the control of Evolution. Such cancellations may be the result of acts of God or force majeure (including, but not limited to, earthquakes, volcanoes, severe storms, floods, etc.), political machinations (including, but not limited to, war, closure of borders, etc.), terrorism or threats of terrorist activities, or acts of other third-parties (including, but not limited to, the canceling of reservations by conference centers, hotels, etc.) If a program, course, or retreat is canceled for reasons indicated in this paragraph, or for any other reason beyond the control of Evolution, then the participant will be given a credit to attend a future course, program, or retreat of the same nature as the canceled event for a period of two years. No refunds will be issued for cancellations beyond the control of Evolution.

Whether the cancellation of a class, course, program or retreat is due to a request by the student, or is initiated by Evolution for any reason, in no event will Evolution be responsible for personal expenses incurred in preparation for, or in relation to the canceled event. such personal expenses may include, but are not limited to, travel expenses, child care expenses, or any other expense incurred by the client. The client acknowledges that any refund identified in these policies is solely for money that has been paid directly to and received by Evolution as an expense for the subject event, and the student holds Evolution harmless for any other money that the student may pay to third parties in preparation for or in relation to any program, class, expedition or retreat.



Please note that our programs at Evolution are limited to the practice of shamanic energy medicine and not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, nor to provide medical advice, or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care. Psychological issues and medical conditions should be addressed directly by, and under the care of, your personal physician.

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