Personal Story

Ashmin is the founder and owner of Evolution Healing Center and works as a shaman and holistic health practitioner. Ashmin compassionately creates a divine container where others can shed, remember, integrate and grow. She finds purpose in supporting others on their life’s journey. Her dynamic approach to facilitating transformation & integration is rooted in ancient wisdom, ritual, the energetic arts, plant medicine and holistic health. She is a wisdom keeper who shares practices of earth based spirituality.

My Journey

Ashmin’s extensive training includes ancient shamanic wisdom teachings, along with cutting edge practices in science (nutrition, biology, neuroscience) at the Four Winds Society which is known as the world’s most renowned school of energy medicine.

Working with the medicine men and women, she was provided the tools necessary to transform her life, and to be a guide for others on their path of self discovery.

Ashmin shares her knowledge of this ancient wisdom, providing guidance on how to bring the mind, body, and soul into ayni (balance).

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